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Key Largo (1948)

DVD Cover
Four 1/2 out of Five


Rating: NR
Length: 101 minutes


Standard 1.33:1 B&W Not Anamorphic


ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
FRENCH: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono


English, French



A WWII veteran (Bogart) goes down to the Florida Keys to visit the father and wife of a comrade killed in the war. When he arrives at the hotel they own, he discovers a group of unfriendly men and one woman occupying the hotel and wanting him to leave. The leader of the group (Robinson) is a mob boss and they are awaiting a pickup. Before their friends arrive, a hurricane does leaving this group of individuals trapped together in a storm.


The acting was definitely above par especially in the case of Robinson playing the mob boss; he does the bad guy routine so very well. This is a dialogue driven movie with an all-star cast. Bacall and Trevor provide the eye-candy while Bogart and Robinson (along with some of the goons) provide the testosterone. Is some of the acting a little over done and do they still shoot guns as if they were discharging magic wands, yes. But if you’re paying attention you won’t be able to help but loving some of the dialogue that these characters emit.


This isn't a modern day action movie, this is a 1948 drama. Don't expect anything along the lines of special effects or anything risqué. But my biggest gripe isn't with the movie itself, it's with the DVD. Other than a Theatrical Trailer, the other extra listed on the back of the DVD case is all text only. I can live with the Mono 2.0 track for a 51 year old movie but come on, don't fans of a movie of this caliber deserve more than this? Doesn’t the movie deserve to be treated better than this? Maybe the studios will get around to it on Blu-Ray.


  • Production Notes
  • Theatrical Trailer


Fans of the movie will certainly want to add this to their collection just don't expect anything more than the film. Maybe Warner Brothers will do us all a favor and release a version of this movie on DVD we can all be proud of but until then, this is what we have.


John Huston   [The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre]


Lauren Bacall - Nora Temple
[The Big Sleep, Dogville, Misery, The Shootist]
Lionel Barrymore - James Temple
Monte Blue - Sheriff Ben Wade
Humphrey Bogart - Frank McCloud
[The African Queen, The Big Sleep, The Caine Mutiny, Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre]
Thomas Gomez - Richard 'Curly' Hoff
[Beneath the Planet of the Apes]
William Haade - Ralph Feeney
Marc Lawrence - Ziggy
[From Dusk Till Dawn, Gotti, The Man With the Golden Gun]
Harry Lewis - Edward 'Toots' Bass
Edward G. Robinson - Johnny Rocco
[The Cincinnati Kid, Double Indemnity, The Ten Commandments]
John Rodney - Deputy Clyde Sawyer
Dan Seymour - Angel Garcia
Claire Trevor - Gaye Dawn


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