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Surprise, you've stumbled upon one of my "hobby" sites. I've put it together for some fun and hopefully you'll find it useful. Yes, I watch a lot of dvds and the movies I watch are the ones I want to watch, not ones I have to. Disclaimer: I am neither a professional writer or movie critic.

What you will find on this site:

  • A description of the movie's storyline.
  • My brief comments both pro and con.
  • Description of the extras, if applicable, and any comments I might have about them.
  • A recommendation (based on how entertaining it is).
  • Links to reviews on other sites: IMDB, DVD Verdict, High-Def Digest, JoBlo
  • Actor links back to IMDB.
  • DVD/Movie specs: audio, video, captions, color/b&w, length, etc.

What you won't find on this site:

  • A detailed description of the audio/video quality. I will only mention them when it's either really good or really bad. We all watch movies on different kinds of equipment and, after all, it is the movie we're most interested in. Right?
  • Long wordy reviews analyzing every aspect of the movie and then giving away spoilers. It shouldn't take more time to read a review than it does to actually watch the movie. And if the review tells you everything that happens, why watch the movie?
  • Commentary track reviews; I rarely ever listen to the commentary tracks (3 in the last 5+ years). I'd rather watch & listen to the movie than watch the movie and listen to people talk about it or themselves.
  • Annoying pop up windows and "In-Your-Face" advertisements that either make noise or expand if your cursor rolls over them.

There is one other difference between my site and many professional sites that might make my ratings look a little skewed to the high side; I watch what I'm interested in watching. Professional reviewers are often stuck watching movies because they were assigned to watch them. If you would like to see how the reviews stack up by rank, CLICK HERE.


Five out of Five Mandatory purchase for anyone that buys/collects dvds - A must see movie
Four out of Five Very solid purchase or a mandatory rental
Three out of Five A good rental
Two out of Five If you have to see it, borrow it from a friend or wait until it comes on TV
One out of Five Just say no! Make a dental appointment instead.

DC = Director's Cut   SE = Special Edition   UR = Unrated Edition
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