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Ice Spiders (2007)

DVD Cover
Two 1/2 out of Five


Rating: R (creature violence)
Length: 86 minutes


Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)


ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1


English, Spanish



The government, through steroids and other drugs, are turning normal spiders into giant ones in hope to harvest their silk for bullet-proof armor. The secret facility is up in the mountains next to a ski resort that happens to be a popular tourist spot and also the spot where Olympic skier wannabes are heading for training. The spiders get out and you should be able to figure out the rest.


For a low-budget made-for-TV movie, the special effects weren't all that bad . Some of the spider attacks were actually a lot of fun including a black widow entrapping a bunch of people on a school bus or the jumping spider taking down a skier.


With few exceptions, the acting was at best poor. One of the main characters was annoying as hell and there were plenty of stereotypes to be had by all. Simply put, this movie though creepy in places, just wasn't all that scary. And don't get excited when you see the giant tarantula on the back cover, there are none in this film.


  • None


You should know what you're getting when you pick up a title like this off the shelf. This is a low-budget film with decent special effects that should you decide to watch it, do it with a friend or two and just have fun. If you are scared of spiders, then you'll want to pass on this.



Noah Bastian - Chad Brown
Steve Bilich - Coach Palmer
Thomas Calabro - Capt. Baker
Stephen J. Cannell - Frank Stone
Kiernan Ryan Daley - Rosen
Charles Halford - Coach Mike
Carleigh King - Brittany
Cory McMillan - Perez
David Millbern - Prof. Marks
Patrick Muldoon - Dan 'Dash' Dashiell
[Starship Troopers, Stigmata]
Marc Raymond - Mr. Stewart
Clayton Taylor - Quintin
Matt Whittaker - Steven
Vanessa Williams - Dr. April Sommers
Connie Young - Mrs. Stewart


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