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Congo (1995)

DVD Cover
Three 1/2 out of Five


Rating: PG-13 (jungle adventure terror and action and brief strong language)
Length: 109 minutes


Widescreen 1.85:1 Color


ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 2.0
FRENCH: Dolby Digital 2.0





An expedition to the Congo disappears under suspicious circumstances. Another one is formed to find out what happened by putting together a group of individuals that want to go to the Congo for different reasons. Dr. Ross wants to look for the people of the first expedition. Dr. Walsh wants to return the gorilla he has taught to communicate back to her home. And Mr. Homolka is just looking for treasure, King Solomon's Mines to be more specific, and is convinced the gorilla can lead him to it.


Right up front is the cast. Laura Linney does a very good job playing the clear and level minded doctor whose main concern are the people she's looking for. Tim Curry does what he does best, playing a crazy guy, this time a Romanian, who is only interested in money. Dylan Walsh is the subdued doctor whose main concern, and love for that matter, is the gorilla he taught to communicate. And last, but not least, is Ernie Hudson who plays their jungle guide and easily has the best lines in the movie. All these people are traveling together for different reasons and end up having to join up to survive against not only the native wildlife (specifically, trained super-intelligent killer gorillas) but also a nearby active volcano.


This movie appears to be hated by two specific groups of people, those that have read and love the book it's based on and those that simply take movies too seriously. First, almost all movies based on novels are disliked by those who love the novel because it's almost impossible to get everything from the book into a movie that runs under two hours. As for those that take the movie too seriously, they almost certainly dislike more movies in this world than they like. If you look at the genres this film is listed under that should tell you all you need to know; action, adventure, mystery, Sci-Fi.


  • Two Theatrical Trailers


If you enjoy films like the Indiana Jones series or even Romancing the Stone, then you should also enjoy this film. Are there things in it that will make you scratch your head (laser gun)? Yes. But, the bottom line is that this is a fun film that seems to have a undeserved negative rap to it.



Joe Don Baker - R.B. Travis, TraviCom CEO
[Cape Fear (1991), GoldenEye, The Living Daylights, Tomorrow Never Dies]
Bruce Campbell - Charles Travis
[Alien Apocalypse, Army of Darkness, Bubba Ho-Tep, The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money, My Name Is Bruce]
Tim Curry - Herkermer Homolka
[Charlie's Angels, Clue, The Hunt for Red October, It]
Grant Heslov - Richard, Elliot's Assistant
[The Scorpion King]
Ernie Hudson - Captain Munro
[The Crow, Ghostbusters I/II]
James Karen - College President (Elliot's Boss)
[Apt Pupil, Mulholland Dr., The Return on the Living Dead, Wall Street]
Laura Linney - Dr. Karen Ross
[Absolute Power, Dave, Mystic River]
Lorene Noh - Amy
Stuart Pankin - Boyd, Audience at Elliot's Lecture
[Fatal Attraction, Striptease]
Bill Pugin - William
Misty Rosas - Amy The Gorilla
Romy Rosemont - Assistant
Carolyn Seymour - Eleanor Romy
Mary Ellen Trainor - Moira, Audience at Elliot's Lecture
[Romancing the Stone]
Dylan Walsh - Dr. Peter Elliot
[Blood Work]
Lawrence T. Wrentz - Prof. Arliss Wender, MIT
[The Silence of the Lambs]


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