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Cabin Fever (2002)

DVD Cover
Three out of Five


Rating: R (strong violence and gore, sexuality, language and brief drug use)
Length: 92 minutes


Widescreen 2.35:1 Color (Anamorphic)


ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 2.0


English, Spanish



Five college kids head up to an isolated cabin to party for a week. They consist of the following stereotypes: the self-absorbed jock, his hot cheerleader girlfriend, the "nice" guy, his really cute and nice female friend of many years that he has the hots for, and the brain-dead beer-drinking gun-toting redneck. After being visited by a man with a weird skin disease, they find themselves having to battle it along with the hostel locals, an inept deputy and more importantly, themselves.


There are certain things that you can count on being in any film directed by Eli Roth; lots of gore, some humor and some lovely ladies (at least one of which will show you her assets). This film does not disappoint in any of those categories and even throws in a rabid dog and completely inept "party animal" deputy. I liked how they incorporated not only their isolation, but how each character responded to a crisis situation; both personally and with each other. There's one particular scene with a razor that I'm sure the ladies are going to love.


There's really nothing special about this film. They went to extra efforts to let the viewer know how the disease was spread and played music every time a character was about to do something to get infected; as if we just couldn't figure it out on our own. And what was with some of the crazy locals?


  • Five Feature-Length Commentaries
  • Director's Shorts: The Rotten Fruit
  • Family Friendly Version of the Film (Hint, it's very very short)
  • "Beneath the Skin": The Making of Cabin Fever
  • Pancakes
  • Chick-Vision


This is simply a decent horror movie that fans of the genre should like and non-fans should simply ignore. If you like any of the other work that Eli Roth has done, then you'll definitely want to check this out.



Richard Boone - Fenster
Hal Courtney - Tommy
James DeBello - Bert
Jana Farmer - Lemonade Girl
Robert Harris - Old Man Cadwell
Matthew Helms - Dennis
Joey Kern - Jeff
[Super Troopers]
Jordan Ladd - Karen
[Death Proof, Embrace of the Vampire, Hostel: Part II]
Dalton McGuire - Lemonade Boy
Tim Parati - Andy
Jeff Rendell - Fake Shemp
Rider Strong - Paul
Arie Verveen - Henry
Cerina Vincent - Marcy
[Return to House on Haunted Hill]
Dante Walker - Shemp


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