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Alien Apocalypse (2005)

DVD Cover
Three out of Five


Rating: NR
Length: 88 minutes


Widescreen 1.77:1 Color (Anamorphic)


ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 2.0





An astronaut doctor Ivan Hood and his fellow astronaut Kelly return from space after a 40 year cryogenic nap to discover the Earth has been taken over by space termites that have enslaved the human population and is forcing it to cut and process, you guessed it, wood.


First and foremost, Bruce Campbell. The man knows how to ham it up and can deliver sarcasm with great skill. There's absolutely nothing serious about this film and everyone in it knows it. This is pure camp and silliness; nothing else. And fans of the Xena TV series will be very happy to see Renee O'Conner play the doctor's fellow astronaut.


If you're not along for the ride and can't accept the fact that this movie is what it is, you will find that most everything about this film is bad from the special effects, silly storyline, aliens that can be so easily killed yet managed to maintain their rule, predictable storyline and an ending you could spot from a million miles away.


  • Audio Commentary with Actor Bruce Campbell and Writer/Director Josh Becker
  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • Storyboard Gallery
  • Bruce Campbell Biography


There are only two groups of people that should spend their time watching this film; die hard Bruce Campbell fans and people that just like watching silly movies. The only reason I picked up this disc is because Bruce was on the cover and he didn't disappoint even though he had almost nothing to work with. This is one of those films that most people either love or trash.



Velizar Binev - Manager
Bruce Campbell - Dr. Ivan Hood
[Army of Darkness, Bubba Ho-Tep, Congo, The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money, My Name Is Bruce]
Michael Cory Davis - Capt. Chuck Burkes
Remington Franklin - Alex
Valentin Giasbeily - Tyler
Krum Iapulov - Bounty Hunter 2
Peter Jason - President Demsky
[Ghosts of Mars]
Vladimir Kolev - Fisherman Bob
Dimiter Kuzov - Bounty Hunter 1
Renée O'Connor - Kelly
[Darkman II: The Return of Durant]
Danail Obretenov - Foreman
Chavdar Simeonov - Alien Leader
Neda Sokolovska - Aida
Jonas Talkington - Bounty Hunter 3
[Lake Placid 2]
Zlatko Zlatkov - Bounty Hunter 4


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