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Buried Alive (2007) - Unrated

DVD Cover
Three out of Five


Rating: UR
Length: 94 minutes


Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)


ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1


English, Spanish



Six college students, three guys and three ladies (two are sorority pledges), head out to the desert to spend the weekend partying in a house with a dark past. Rumor has it that a women was buried alive on the ground with a lot of gold. The only person living out there now is the caretaker played by Tobin Bell (need I say more?).


This is more scares than gore though there is some of the latter. The story is original and the ladies are very lovely and, on many occasions, undressed. Tobin Bell plays his same normal "creepy" role and there are enough scares to keep your attention throughout when the ladies are dressed.


I do not get the need for the relationship between the cousins and the acting amongst the six kids was average at best (only two of the actresses would get passing grades from me). The film seemed to attempt to make up for that by keeping the very lovely ladies as undressed as possible when the movie starts to lag. And let's face it, six horny kids partying with drugs and alcohol in a horror film is not very original.


  • None


I've seen a lot worse and horror fans will certainly want to check this out. The only other people that would want to watch this film that aren't horror fans are teenage boys.


Robert Kurtzman   [Wishmaster]



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